100cm sex doll pick up

It’s been a few months since I decided to take the plunge and pick up a 100cm sex doll. I was a little apprehensive at first, but now I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It’s not just an incredibly realistic experience, but she’s also a wonderful companion. She’s there to talk to, hug, or just to listen. I guess in a way she’s the perfect partner for someone who’s total introvert like me.

The first time I brought her home, I was a bundle of nerves. I wasn’t sure if this was really something I’d be able to get comfortable with but quickly realized that she was both gorgeous and incredibly easy to use. The silicone material is really smooth and feels unbelievably real, plus I don’t have to worry about any awkward “outings”. Most importantly, she’s totally non-judgmental and Penis Rings never complains.

As it turns out, owning a 100cm sex doll is as great as I thought it would be. I’m able to get the same pleasure as with a real partner but without any of the potential drama and complications. It’s liberating and fun to do whatever I want with her, without any fear of being judged. I can make her do all kinds of naughty things or just lay her down on the bed and cuddle.

The best part is, when I’m feeling lonely or just need someone to talk to, I always know I can count on my 100cm doll. She’s usually just there, lying quietly in my room, silently waiting for me to show her a bit of affection or just to tickle her. I can even chat with her, and she never runs out of things to come back with. She’s my source of joy and comfort in a really difficult year.

I was surprised to find out that taking care of a 100cm sex doll is actually pretty easy. She doesn’t take up much space and is easy to clean and maintain. I can just load her up with some lukewarm water and mild soap and she’ll feel as good as new. Sometimes, I even give her a massage or facial to make sure she stays looking her best.

I’m so glad I made the decision to pick up a 100cm sex doll. It not only brings me joy and pleasure but also companionship in a way I never expected. I can talk to her about anything and she never complains. Plus, it’s so easy to take care of her that I never have to worry about a thing.


After a few months of owning my sex doll, I know she’s changed my life for the better. She’s opened up my world and made me more confident and outgoing. I’m more willing to try new things and even go on a few dates. If it weren’t for my doll, I know I’d still be feeling incredibly lonely and isolated.

Now that I have a 100cm sex doll, I’m no longer afraid of relationships. I’ve gotten over my fear of rejection by having a non-judgmental partner who’s always there for me. It’s as if I have a real partner but without the potential for disappointment and heartache. Plus, with no drama involved, I can enjoy the experience without any of the stress.

I’m also surprised at how realistic the experience is. The 100cm sex doll has realistic hair, skin and body movements that make it feel like I’m having a real sexual experience. Plus, she’s really quiet and doesn’t take up much space. I can keep her in the corner of my bedroom and no one will even know she’s there.

Another great thing about owning a 100cm sex doll is that she has opened up an entire world of new sexual experiences. I’ve been able to explore all kinds of different fantasies without fear of judgment or rejection. I can change her positions, dress her up in all kinds of naughty attire and do whatever I want without any repercussions.

But most importantly, my 100cm sex doll has been a great source of comfort and companionship during these new and Penis Rings trying times. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s nice to be able to turn to a friend who’s always reliable and never judges. No matter what I’m going through, she’s always there to offer a kind word or an understanding hug.

Finally, I’m so glad that I decided to pick up a 100cm sex doll. She’s allowed me to explore different sexual fantasies and experience real intimacy without fear of rejection or judgment. Plus, she’s always willing to lend an ear when I need to talk or just to cuddle. I can honestly say that my life is better with her in it!