3 inch diameter penis cylinder for pumping

Sooo I heard about this crazy 3-inch diameter penis cylinder for pumping and I was intrigued.​ Immediately, I thought of a million ways to use it and the possibilities seemed endless! I just wanted to try it out—to feel the power of pumping myself up and getting a bigger penis.​

So, I went online and did some research and found out about it.​ I learned that it was a vacuum pump that created a strong suction on the penis and that it eventually should make the penis bigger, and stronger.​ I mean, that sounded pretty awesome to me.​ I was sold.​

So I went ahead and ordered the 3-inch diameter penis cylinder for pumping.​ When it arrived, I was surprised at how small and compact it was.​ It was made of thick and durable transparent plastic that felt good to the touch, and it was super easy to use.​ It had an airtight seal, and the suction was surprisingly powerful.​ I was definitely impressed.​

Then I got down to business.​ I got naked and vibrators placed the penis cylinder onto my penis.​ I then started pumping the air out and I felt the intense suction like I was in a vacuum cleaner.​ After a few times, there was definitely a noticeable increase in size and length.​

When I was done, my penis felt a lot stronger and thicker.​ I was amazed at how well the cylinder had worked.​ It seemed to have done exactly what it promised—a bigger and stronger penis.​

Another thing I noticed was a slight increase in girth.​ I mean, let’s face it—I don’t have the biggest girth.​ But after using the 3 inch penis cylinder for pumping, it does make my penis look a lot…um… bigger than it did before.​

Furthermore, I also felt a lot more “attraction” towards my partner after using it.​ It seemed to boost my libido and my self-confidence.​ I could tell that she was noticing the difference too.​

Lastly, after using this penis cylinder for pumping a few times, I noticed that my erections were harder than ever before.​ It was really quite something.​

So that’s the story of my experience with the 3 inch penis cylinder for pumping.​ All in all, I’m pretty impressed with the results, and I plan to keep using it.​ I mean, why not?

It’s been a few months since I started using the penis cylinder and I’ve seen some real results.​ I’m pleased with the extra length and girth I now have and I feel like a million bucks.​ My girlfriend loves it too!

I’ve also heard of people using penis rings after using the penis cylinder for pumping.​ This helps them to maintain the extra size and length they’ve acquired.​ It’s definitely an interesting concept.​

On top of that, I’ve also been experimenting with a variety of lubes and creams while using it.​ This helps to increase the suction power, and thus makes the pump more effective.​ It also adds to the comfort level, which is very important while using it.​

I’ve also been using it with different ejaculation methods.​ For example, I’ve tried the “start and stop” method.​ I would try to resist the urge to ejaculate for as long as possible, but if I felt like I was about to, I’d put the penis cylinder on my penis and ejaculate into it.​ This helps to increase the size of my penis, as well as helps with better ejaculation control.​

Finally, I’ve been taking regular breaks while using the the penis cylinder.​ This helps to reduce the chances of over-pumping, which might cause the penis to become too sensitive.​ With regular breaks, I can continue to use it without any worry of damage.​

Overall, I’d say that the 3-inch penile cylinder for pumping has been a great experience.​ It’s given me greater confidence in my own abilities and I feel like I have more control in the bedroom.​ I’m really glad I took the plunge and I’d recommend this product to anyone that’s looking to increase the size and strength of their penis.​