a good penis pump routine

My penis pump routine is probably the most important thing I do all week.​ I’m serious.​ I just can’t say enough about how well it works for me.​ Every morning, I start by pumping for about 20 minutes with a penis pump.​ After that, I’ll go for a long warm up walk to get the blood flowing and loosen up my penis.​ Once I’m feeling nice and loose, I’ll start my routine.​

I love using my penis pump because it makes my penis feel fuller, firmer and more sensitive.​ It also helps to increase the size and girth of my penis.​ Once I get the pump to the right level of suction, I actually get a nice tingly feeling going throughout my whole body.​ It’s absolutely amazing!

After about 10 minutes of pumping, I’ll take a break and stretch my penis.​ I find this really helps to open up the vessels and increase circulation.​ Next, I’ll start to pump for another 10 minutes.​ This is when I really get a good sense of the power of the pump.​ Then, I’ll finish up by stretching and pulsing for a few minutes.​

One of the best things about my penis pump routine is that it only takes me about an hour a day.​ That’s not too much time to invest in something that will give me long-term, permanent gains.​ Plus, I can do it all at home which leaves me plenty of time for other things.​

I also really appreciate how I can now go days without feeling any soreness or discomfort.​ The penis pump is great for relieving tension and getting rid of all the knots and pains.​ It’s also been great for reducing the number of premature ejaculation episodes I had before.​

When all is said and done, I think I have a fairly successful penis pumping routine.​ I look forward to it more and vibrators more every day.​ Sure, it’s taken some time and patience to figure out what works best for me, but I’m highly satisfied with the results.​

As I mentioned before, the most important part of my routine is the pumping itself.​ On a typical day, when I’m done with my session, my penis will look and feel bigger, fuller and more sensitive than before.​ I’m also more aroused – and my partner can definitely tell the difference!

The next step in my routine is massaging my penis with a special penis massage cream.​ I’d recommend that you look for something that’s natural, plant-based and free from any chemicals or artificial fragrances.​ Not only is this kind of cream great for increasing pleasure, but it also helps to increase blood flow and rev up circulation.​

Another great thing to add to your penis pumping routine is a good penis extender.​ These devices can be used to slowly stretch and lengthen your penis while it’s being pumped.​ Over time, this can result in noticeable gains in size and girth.​ Plus, the device can help to prevent any potential injuries.​

Finally, it’s always important to have realistic expectations when it comes to penis pumping.​ Some people expect to see huge gains in size overnight, but that’s usually not the case.​ It’s important to keep in mind that consistent, regular use over time is the key to achieving the best results.​

When I’m done with my penis pumping session, I always enjoy a nice relaxing bath or shower.​ It’s a great way to open up the blood vessels and increase circulation.​ Plus, it helps to keep your penis clean and free from bacteria or other contaminants.​

I also like to take some time after my routine to write down the specific results I’ve felt during my session, as well as any changes I might have noticed.​ I recommend keeping track of this information in some kind of journal or log-book as it can help you to identify which techniques work best for you.​

By following a consistent and careful penis pumping routine, you can definitely see some real benefits over time.​ If you’re willing to put in the work and find out what works best for sex toys you, you can definitely look forward to a larger, firmer and more sensitive penis.​ And that’s something we can all get behind!