are sex dolls legal in india

Well my friend, you won’t believe what I just heard. Are Sex Dolls Legal in India? I was quite taken aback when I heard about this. After all, not something you hear every day. But it seems to be true – sex dolls are now legal in India, although with some restrictions.

Let me paint the picture for you – according to the news, vibrators even though the sex dolls are considered as obscene objects, the fact is that their sale in India is now legal. So now we can get our hands on some imported dolls from the USA and Europe that are made to look and feel just like real people.

So what led to this decision? It turns out that while sex dolls are seen as a taboo in India, the reality is that the government realised that with the growing population, and the lack of alternative avenues of pleasure, these dolls can help ease the pressure.

The other reason why this decision was made, was the fear of infections like HIV and STDs that can sometimes occur through intercourse. So the dolls help contribute to the overall health of the country. But one wonders why it took the authorities so long to come to this decision.

What if I told you that the sex dolls come with limitiations though? Well, for a start, they are not allowed to be used for childlike activities. In addition, while people are allowed to buy and use the dolls, the sex dolls cannot be made available to the public in any way.

However, that’s not all. Even though the dolls are allowed, their sale can only be done through valid medical institutions that are approved by the authorities. The aim is to regulate the sale and keep it in check.

This is both good and bad news – on one hand, the doll can serve its purpose, while on the other hand, the prohibitions are something that should be taken seriously. So if you would like to purchase a doll, make sure to do it only through a valid medical channel.

That’s the situation my friend. So what do you think – are Sex Dolls Legal in India?