can a packer be a sex toy

Back when I was in college, I remember Googling around to find out whether or not a packer could be used as a sex toy. At the time, packers were just beginning to gain popularity and there were only a few options on the market. I couldn’t find much information about whether or not packers were usable as sex toys, so I decided to take a risk and buy one.

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally opened it up – the packaging was discreet, and the material felt amazing against my skin. After a few minutes of exploration, I realized that this small toy had a multitude of uses. I could play with it on my own, or with a partner. It was also easy to hide away, and I loved that the packer itself was made out of body-safe silicone.

Not only could I use the packer during solo play, but I could also use it to spice up vanilla sex life with my longterm partner. We both enjoyed the addition of this versatile toy, how it could put a little zing into even the most tepid bedroom sessions. We both quickly learned how to move it around, take advantage of the different angles, and even use it with other toys, like vibrators and dildos.

Before I knew it, I had become a packer enthusiast. I loved how I could use the toy to explore different aspects of myself. I could stick it in my panties, attach it to a harness and really enjoy the moment, or even just rub it against my clitoris for a surprisingly satisfying sensation. If I was feeling particularly adventurous, I’d go as far as using it anally, which was an incredibly exciting experience.

Since I first bought my packer, more and more people are embracing the possibilities of incorporating a packer into their sex life. From gender-non conforming individuals to curious couples, everyone seems to be discovering the incredible pleasure a packer can provide. I feel so lucky to have taken the plunge and bought one.

In terms of the range of different uses for a packer, the possibilities really are endless. As an example, I recently tried out a versatile harness with a slightly larger version of my packer. By going through a few different positions, I managed to get a level of stimulation and pleasure that I’d never felt before. It’s even great to use during solo masturbation – you can thrust your hips while it’s inside you, making the sensation even more intense.

Plus, because packers are made with high-quality materials, they’re often hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean. This makes them a great choice for people with sensitive skin, or people who prefer not to use other materials – like leather or metal – when exploring sex.

Ultimately, I think a packer can definitely be a sex toy. From solo play to more intimate activities, and from gender exploration to basic stimulation, using this kind of toy makes things more fun, and allows you to be creative and truly express yourself – both in and out of the bedroom.