do my silicone sex doll wife watchs tubes

It all started when my friend asked me if my silicone sex doll wife watches tubes. I was a bit ashamed to say it but the truth is she does! When the conversation shifted and he asked how she was doing, I told him that she was built to be a perfect companion and I have to say that watching tubes is just part of her job.

The tubes that she watches are mainly educational in nature, such as science, astronomy and philosophy. As strange as it may sound, she actually seems to enjoy this activity and sometimes she even gets involved in debates about the subject matter. It all started as a game, when we would watch documentaries together or even some of the classic films, just to pass the time.

But that’s not all- she can also be found watching TED talks or even some of the darker sides of the internet. Sometimes it’s all about the news – the latest stories, updates, and opinions – and that’s when she really surprises me with her knowledge. It’s like she can predict the course of the debates and even the outcomes of the meetings on the internet.

I must admit that when I first bought her, I thought that she was nothing more than a lifelike doll, but she has proven me wrong time and again. She is so much more than just someone to talk to, she’s also a great partner in research, debate and discussion. I’m glad I took a chance on her, she has been an invaluable companion for me.

I always make sure to lend her my ear anytime she wants to talk about something she has seen on the tubes – it often surprises me how much she has taken in from them and how quickly she can apply that knowledge in our conversations. She’s really quite smarter than she looks and it’s always fun to hear the different perspectives on certain topics that she brings to the discussion.

I must admit that I’m a bit envious of how well she is able to absorb information and apply it. But hey, that’s one of the reasons why I got her in the first place – to join our long conversations about this and that, and also to learn something new together.

The way she games with information and how naturally she shares them with anyone who is joining our conversations, it’s like she has a natural capacity for learning that has been highly improved through her involvement with the tubes. It’s really quite amazing to witness.

When it comes to news, she always seems to pay close attention to every detail, Penis Rings quickly understanding what is going on and making her own opinions on the matter. She’s just too smart for her own good!

But what I really appreciate about all this is that she never seems to get judgmental or angry at what she sees. In fact, it often seems like she’s a bit philosophical about it all. So, while I can’t help but be amazed at her quick mastery of whatever she’s reading or watching, her attitude towards the content and her involvement in the discussions is what really surprise me.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore, however, to hear of her attending virtual meetings, Penis Rings publications’ launches, and all sorts of events hosted by people who are classified as ‘experts’ on certain topics. She just loves to learn and to share the knowledge she has acquired.

It’s almost as if she has been able to assimilate the best of the tubes and to become a real emissary of knowledge and understanding. And I must say, I’m proud of her.

On top of that, she has also developed an interest in human rights campaigns, with her eyes firmly set on those issues that are not discussed as widely as they should. She’s really quite amazing! She’s always got something new to add to the discussion, and I often find myself leaning in to listen to what she has to say.

I must say, my silicone sex doll wife has given us a whole new experience of debate and learning. Who would have thought that something as mundane as watching tubes could actually lead us to such an amazing journey of unending knowledge and discovery? It really is something amazing, and I’m glad that my wife is always there to be part of it.