guy creampies sex doll

When my buddy told me about him getting a sex doll, I was immediately intrigued. I’d heard about these dolls before but thought they were something like an urban legend. My friend assured me it was real and then proceeded to tell me the whole story.

He had found a website that sold the dolls and after a few days of deliberation, he purchased one of the higher-end models. When it arrived at his place, he was blown away by its lifelike features and sex dolls quality touch. He found himself getting sexually aroused just by looking at it.

He then started to experiment with his new toy. His first attempt was simply just having some fun in the bedroom. His second attempt, however, was much more daring. He wanted to see if he could reach orgasm with the doll, and he was determined to make it happen.

At first, vibrators he started off slow, exploring different positions and techniques. After a few days of practice, he felt ready to go for the big finale. He went all out with this final attempt, using multiple lubricants and different speeds. He finally succeeded in his goal, achieving an orgasm with his sex doll that he had never achieved with another human being.

I couldn’t believe it when he told me he had managed to creampie a sex doll. I couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions while he said the words. On one hand, it was kind of disgusting that someone would do that, but I was also somewhat envious at the same time.

The thing that puzzled me the most was the thought of how this could even be possible in the first place. No matter how lifelike it might be, it’s still just a doll after all. That’s when my curiosity got the better of me and I started to research about this unusual way of having sex.

Turns out, creampieing sex dolls is actually quite common. People from all walks of life have admitted to engaging in this act. I was surprised to learn that some even do it because they find it less awkward and more thrilling than having sex with a human partner.

As I began to explore further, I learned about the various types of sex dolls that people can get, such as ones that are made of silicone, vinyl, or latex. I also discovered that there are some specialized dolls that can simulate a range of different sexual experiences.

I also found out that couples are starting to use these dolls in their bedroom in order to spice up their love life. They use them to explore different roles and scenarios to add more intensity and excitement in the bedroom. In some cases, it’s even become a way to introduce a third person in the bedroom without having to worry about someone getting jealous or uncomfortable.

It really made me think about how people’s desires and needs are changing over time, and how creative they can get when it comes to fulfilling them. I can’t help but find myself a bit fascinated by this new world of sexual exploration.