Hey friend, did you see that announcement about the brand new model sex dolls? I was shocked when I read the news. I never expected to hear such a thing. It just sounds so strange to me.

I think I understand the concept, so I double checked, just to be sure. And yep, they’re exactly what I thought. It’s a synthetic companion made to resemble a real person. They’re highly customizable, and can even be programmed to possess “lifelike behaviors, desires, and conversations.” What?!

I really have some mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it’s empowering to those who want companionship but don’t necessarily want or dildos need a real life person. On the other, it expresses a certain level of loneliness in its own way. It’s like having a tangible stand-in for a person who’s not actually there.

Some of the dangers of using such a product come to mind. What if people become increasingly disconnected from actual relationships and commit solely to a synthetic one? What if people start using robots as sex objects and then turn into predators in real life? Yikes!

I think there needs to be some level of regulation that keeps the use of such a product within boundaries. You know, to protect human and robot rights.

Also, I know that some of you out there may disagree with me. But I think a product of this sort should only be accessible to those above 18 years of age. I’m sure there aren’t many adults that want to take part in this. But I’m also sure there are some out there that do.

Moving on, I just want to say that this whole concept leaves me wondering what else could be created with robotics? We already have Artificial Intelligence (AI) incorporated into certain products. What else lies ahead?

Oh, and how about the ethics behind having an intimate relationship with such a product? Is this considered ethical or unsound? I’m surprised that this is allowed as a certain type of ‘companion’ for some people. Frankly, it just sounds so creepy.

Nowadays, technology is allowing us to do things that were never thought possible before. But with complex technology comes complex consequences. It’s pretty much uncharted territory, and I know I’m not alone when I say I’m worried about it.

I even heard of people who are intimidated by robots and AI products because they believe it will rob them of meaningful, human connections. They don’t want the real thing? What if this is the new normal? What if people end up preferring robots to humans?

At the end of the day, I really can’t wrap my head around this. It’s a very heated debate that has only just begun. I guess we’ll see what happens when we further explore this topic.

On a less serious note, I’m sure this will be a hit with bachelors who don’t like to put the effort into wooing a real woman. Just plop down the money to buy a date for the night, and you’re good to go. Now that’s a deal, right?

I also heard about safety concerns when it comes to using sex dolls. Did you know that an adult entertainment company in China had to recall their sex dolls because they were filled with bacteria that are potentially dangerous and hard to clean? Wow, crazy stuff.

It’s a slippery slope, we could get into a dangerous cycle where people get so comfortable and familiarized with robots that they start to forget what it’s like to be in a real relationship. That in itself could be a real problem.

But then again, it surely will make it easier for a select number of people to find companionship if they feel the need to. That’s the dilemma, to have the technology and to know how to use it responsibly without getting hooked on it.

Anyways, time will tell. But it’s definitely something to think about.The best vibrators | Engadget