I have to admit that I sometimes get in the mood for a little self-pleasure if I’m feeling a bit down or had an especially long day.​ It may not be the quickest way to turn myself on before male masturbation, but it definitely works!

My go-to is to take a few minutes to relax my mind and take deep breaths.​ I think of my personal happy place, somewhere in nature, where I can just be, free of worry, and reflect on gratitude for all of my blessings.​ This helps to relax my body and helps to create a pleasant atmosphere for self-pleasure.​

Then, I slowly begin to explore my body, starting from my toes and working my way up my body, connecting with my erogenous zones along the journey.​ This helps to create a heightened arousal and excitement and gets me in the right frame of mind for my impending session of self-pleasure.​

I also like to treat myself to some sensual music, something with a steady beat and suggestive lyrics to help set the mood.​ Some light candles and incense can also really help to enhance the ambiance and help me to reach a state of heightened arousal.​

I also like to think positive and encouraging thoughts such as “I am worthy” or “I deserve pleasure”.​ Having a positive mindset really helps to create that feeling of freedom that is so important in order to have a truly enjoyable session.​

Finally, I take the time to choose a sex toy or lubricant that will bring me the ultimate pleasure.​ Having this luxurious time to invest in myself really helps to create an intimate atmosphere and really get me in the mood for some naughty fun!

These are all the things that I do in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for my upcoming session with myself.​ It may not be the quickest, but it certainly creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment that is key for a successful session of self-pleasure.​

From there, I start to further explore my body, focus more on my erogenous zones and gradually increase the intensity, starting with slow and gentle movements and working my way up.​ I also like to use my imagination and explore fantasies that will help to inject a bit of fun and creativity into my session.​

I recently discovered that incorporating sex toys into my session can really help to heighten the experience.​ Whether it be a vibrator, dildo or anal toy, having that extra stimulation can help me to reach that place of pleasure and bliss.​

I have also recently introduced temperature play to my session, using either heated or cooled items.​ You would be surprised at how much of a difference it can make! I already bring myself to higher heights of pleasure, using hot and Penis Rings cold items can take me there even faster.​

Massaging my inner thighs or erogenous zones is something else I have started to do which really helps to increase the pleasure and intensity.​ Almost immediately I feel a surge of desire coursing through my body that I can’t help but enjoy.​

Exploring my fantasies and incorporating different techniques such as temperature play and massage really helps to turn me on.​ And since I have started to use these things as part of my session, I find it much easier to get in the mood for male masturbation.​

Finally, I try to pay attention to what is really getting me off.​ Am I enjoying being spanked? Or am I more aroused when my nipples are teased? Knowing what really gets me going can help to tailor the perfect session for me.​ And it certainly allows me to reach those higher heights of pleasure.​

I guess, in the end, it’s all about taking the time to create the ideal atmosphere for yourself.​ Doing the things that make you feel comfortable, relaxed and in the mood to experience pleasure.​ Taking the time to self-explore and examine what really turns you on before male masturbation can help to make your session a very special one.​ And that, my friend, is the quickest way to turn myself on before male masturbation.​