I often wondered if a silent male masturbator would be worth my time and money- I have to say, it sure was!

The first time I used it, I had no idea what to expect.​ I mean, a silent masturbator? That’s crazy! I was curious, nervous and hesitant all at the same time.​ I was really afraid it would be overly loud or that I wouldn’t be able to focus on the pleasure.​

Turned out I was wrong! As soon as I turned the device on, I felt its gentle vibrations and dildos its powerful motor working its magic.​ It was amazingly quiet and gave me some intense sensations.​ I was ecstatic!

The next time I used it, I wanted to focus more on exploring and savoring each feeling the male masturbator provided.​ I experimented with the settings until I found one that was perfect for me.​ As I increased the intensity, I could barely keep silent and let out a satisfied moan.​

I also had to get used to the idea of having a male masturbator as a toy.​ I mean, we’re all human and there’s no need to be ashamed of exploring our pleasure.​ I learned to spice up my masturbation routine with other things that I usually don’t do when I’m alone.​ I tried different lubes, toys, positions and speeds.​ And the result was totally worth it.​

Now I’m hooked! I’m so glad I decided to try the silent male masturbator.​ It has added so much more pleasure to my life.​ It not only increases the sensations but also allows me to explore my body and discover new ways to give myself pleasure.​

The next 4 sections will describe about using different speeds, lubes, positions, and toys with the silent male masturbator.​


The silent male masturbator comes with different speeds.​ I usually start on the lowest setting as it’s gentle enough and still intense.​ As time goes by, I gradually increase the speed until I reach a point I feel I’m ready for a real treat.​ It’s like going slow on a rollercoaster and then speeding up to the highest point.​


Using lubes with a male masturbator is a must.​ It makes everything smoother and more enjoyable.​ I always make sure to choose a high-quality and long-lasting lube.​ This helps me enhance the pleasure and sensation of the male masturbator and get the maximum pleasure out of it.​


I usually like to experiment with different positions while using the male masturbator.​ It adds an interesting touch to the experience and also allows me to explore my own body’s reactions and boundaries.​ From lying down to standing up, from doggy style to missionary, there are so many possibilities and I enjoy trying new things every time.​


I also like to spice up my experience with other toys and items.​ Using the male masturbator with clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, and other toys can be a real game-changer.​ It leads to entirely new and Penis Rings exciting sensations.​ There’s so much more to explore beyond the male masturbator and I’m loving it.​