I was out clubbing with some friends the other night when I came across something new- leather gay penis pumping.​ I didn’t know what it was at first but when I asked around, it turned out that it’s a form of BDSM play that’s becoming more and more popular.​

I couldn’t believe it, honestly! I had never heard of it before and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like.​ One friend asked if I’d like to try it and I could feel sweat prickling down my spine at the thought of it.​ I mean, I’m not a prude, but I wasn’t really into that kind of play.​ Still, I was intrigued and I decided to do a bit of research to learn more.​

As it turns out, leather gay penis pumping basically involves wearing a leather penis pump and using it to give your partner a little extra stimulation during an intense BDSM session.​ Sounds wild, right? That’s what I thought too.​ But as I read more, I discovered that this kind of play can actually be incredibly pleasurable for both partners when done correctly.​

From what I learned, the pump pulls blood into the penis, making it start to swell and become more sensitive.​ That can be really blissful during sex – and it’s not just for guys either.​ Women can use the pumps too! Apparently, it can be super fun for both genders involved.​

The key is to find the right pump and vibrators make sure it’s the correct size for you.​ It should be snug enough for you to feel the suction but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable.​ And it can also be helpful to use plenty of lube to make the experience more enjoyable.​

Checking out the selection of leather gay penis pumps on the market was an eye-opening experience for vibrators me.​ They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours – from bright red to soft black – and I could see why so many people find them so attractive.​

Another thing I discovered is that wearing a penis pump is a great way to experiment with power play.​ After all, it puts the person wearing the pump at the mercy of their partner.​ If that person is comfortable with that kind of dynamic, then it can be a real blast!

When it comes to safety, leather gay penis pumping is actually a relatively safe activity if you make sure both partners are comfortable with the rules and are aware of the risks.​ Like with all BDSM activities, it’s key to have an open and honest discussion about what activities will and won’t be done, and to follow all instructions provided.​

So if you’re into BDSM and are looking for a kinky way to kick your sex life up a notch, you might want to give leather gay penis pumping a try – who knows – you might love it!