I’ll never forget the day I first saw plastic doll sex. Its terrible image has been ingrained in my mind ever since. When I first witnessed a set of plastic dolls strung up on a mannequin with their ‘parts’ exposed, I was horrified at the sight. I couldn’t help but feel disgusted and sad, knowing that somebody had went to the length of constructing a useless toy to simulate an act of sexual pleasure. It felt like someone was exploiting the innocent for their own pleasure and it made me so angered I could barely breathe.

The thought of it made me sick to the core, that someone could find enjoyment in a toy that brought pain. It felt like something so wrong that it can never be righted. I wanted to scream and make a fuss but I knew deep in my interpretation wouldn’t make a difference. I could tell how normalised this kind of behaviour was to many people.

I tried to wrap my head around why someone thought this was ok, and why they wouldn’t think twice before buying a doll. I understood it wasn’t illegal, yet I felt like this was a new low for society. People’s morals and ethics seemed to be fading away, leaving behind a plastic image of humans. A mannequin of toy that can never give back or comeback from any kind of emotional contact, yet these materials were used for various sexual acts despite its evident lack of comfort or pleasure.

It’s disheartening to think that this kind of sexual exploitation was actually the norm in some parts of the world. It made me worry about how society was heading, and the lack of basic human morality that many people seemed to carry. No matter what perspective people have, this kind of act should never be the norm.

It made me want to learn more about why this was so popular, and to understand how plastic doll sex became so widespread. After researching more into it, I found out the main reason behind it was that plastic dolls were chosen as the medium for sexual pleasure for many reasons. It was considered to be convenient, durable, light and easy to store, all without the worry of having a partner. People also used it as a way to satisfy their curiosities for fantasies, and this is why it was so widely accepted as ‘normal’.

Another surprising thing I learned was that many plastic doll sex enthusiasts actually used their dolls as a form of relationship guidance. They used the dolls to role-play and rehearse beforehand, so that they could feel more confident when interacting with real people. It made me feel a little bit less outraged, Penis Rings since I could now see how plastic dolls could actually be used for a greater purpose.

That said, even though these uses for doll sex are now considered to be more socially acceptable, at the end of the day it still makes me sick to think that the plastic image will never disappear from my memory. Its something that will continue to stay in my mind and haunt me forever. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s something that’s now become a part of our society, and Penis Rings it’s up to us to recognise its wrong and make a change.

I feel like the stigma on plastic doll sex is slowly fading, as people have become more open to talking and accepting this kind of act. Although the idea that sexual pleasure can be simulated by a plastic doll still seems taboo to many, it’s become a more accepted practice in many countries now.

It seems like the plastic doll sex industry is growing, and people’s attitudes towards it have changed over the years. While it may never become completely normalised, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be accepted. Many people now view these dolls as a tool to explore their own sexuality, and even use it to practice and build self-confidence.

I think that this discussion surrounding plastic doll sex should be encouraged. It should be treated with sensitivity and understanding, as abandonment and stigma shouldn’t be the way of dealing with this kind of act. Even though it might make us feel uncomfortable to talk about, we should be open-minded and allow ourselves to explore and discuss it in order to help create a better image for those who give or get pleasure from these dolls.