It was a typical quiet summer night like any other. My friend and I were out for a stroll and talking about the latest gossip. I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks when I noticed a peculiar window display – a blow up doll sailor moon sex doll! I’ve never seen anything like it. To me, it was the pinnacle of weird. Did people really want these kinds of dolls?!

O Wow Cock Ring by Screaming O | Dr Nikki GoldsteinMy friend stated that she’d heard of somebody selling the sex doll though a flea market the other day. Apparently, these dolls are becoming more popular, which is strange but apparently true. I couldn’t help but mull over what it would be like to own one of these. How would it be to have one in your bedroom? The thought was almost dizzying.

The doll’s plastic skin glistened in the dim light, looking oh-so inviting. It seemed so lifelike, it was almost like someone traveled from a different dimension and brought us a surprise! I thought it was almost cute and surprisingly attractive, vibrators too. I did some research on Google and found out that these dolls were almost like real people, in a way. They had bendable joints and could be placed in any kind of position, even one like riding a bike!

I began to wonder what kind of people actually buy these dolls and thought that perhaps there might be a hidden sentiment behind them. Why did people have these? Was it just for a bit of fun, or was there something else behind them? I asked my friend and she speculated that some people might buy the sex toys doll for different reasons. Maybe they wanted a companion without the need of getting into a deep relationship.

The next day, I could not get the sailor moon sex doll out of my mind. What was it for? Was it really for pleasure or something else? I thought about it day and night, and asked people what they thought about it. Most were surprised to hear of such a doll, while others shared their opinions on the matter.

The opinions of people around me were varied. Most thought it was interesting, but a few were even more vocal about it. Some thought it was a bit of a joke gone wrong, while others thought it was a way to spice up somebody’s life a little bit. I began to think that the sailor moon sex doll was actually more than just a toy – it might be a way of expressing yourself.

I started exploring more and found out that people don’t just buy these dolls for the purpose of sex. It’s actually become a bit of a fetish culture, with people sharing their love for these dolls on social media. People use them for role play, share stories about them, and even cosplay as the character! It was an entirely new world that opened up in front of me.

I could not forget the fascinating window display. What could people find in a sailor moon sex doll? Was the appeal due to the character’s popularity? Was it because they wanted to fantasize about a character from the show, or was it something else entirely? Did people really find these dolls attractive?