male celebrities masturbation

Have you ever thought about the private lives of male celebrities? Well I have and it turns out that we all have the same urges, even these oft-idolized stars.​ It’s no surprise a lot of them turn to masturbation; it’s a healthy and stress-relieving outlet.​

I’ll never forget the time I heard about the long list of male celebrities who’ve admitted to ‘self-love.​’ Some of them, like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Jack Black, were surprisingly open about reaching for the tissues.​ I think it says a lot about these guys that they weren’t afraid to share their intimate moments with the public.​

There have even been reports of celebrities, like singer Harry Styles, caught in the act.​ I’m sure this type of thing happens more often than we know.​ But I will say, vibrators I kind of admire these guys for taking the time to care about their own pleasure – so to speak.​

But there is a double standard with male celebrities and masturbation that makes my stomach turn.​ We think it’s hilarious when someone gets busted, but we act completely shocked and shamed when a female celebrity is caught with her hands down her pants.​ It’s a bit hypocritical, dildos don’t you think?

Take the recent news about Brad Pitt.​ The media went ballistic about him supposedly ‘playing with himself’ in public.​ But isn’t that what everyone does when they’re in between relationships? Even those of us who aren’t famous should have the freedom to satisfy our own needs without being ridiculed or judged.​

I think it’s time we destigmatize masturbation among male (and female!) celebs.​ We need to recognize it as a normal, healthy expression of sexuality.​ We should show the same respect for our idols that we would for any of our friends who admit to the occasional solo session.​