male masturbation techniques with gıf

I recall my first time experimenting with male masturbation techniques involving my GF; the experience was eye-opening! I never before had such an intense experience and it felt like I had entered an entirely different world! After a bit of trial and error, I developed some techniques that worked for me and enhanced the experience immensely!

I found that a great way to begin was to build anticipation.​ We would start off with some serious intimacy, full of petting, touching and exploring all the curves of our bodies.​ This would be followed up with light playful tickling, and then some deep kissing.​ These simple activities would provide me with the desire and excitement I needed going forward.​

The second step was to start exploring my body.​ Here I discovered a whole new realm of male masturbation sensations.​ I found out that each area of my body reacted differently to different kinds of touch.​ Slow, gentle strokes created a wave of pleasure that would start at my toes and slowly spread across my entire body.​ And more rapid motions created more intense sensations that seemed to echo throughout my body!

Once my body was properly aroused, it was time for the main event.​ Here my GF and I discovered a whole new world of male masturbation for us to explore.​ We experimented with different pressures, speeds and rhythms.​ We also tried stimulating both my penis and prostate at the same time which created almost overwhelming sensations!

The most powerful and thrilling technique that we discovered was the squeeze technique.​ First, she would stimulate me to the brink of orgasm and then squeeze firmly at the base of my penis.​ This would force the blood in and make the erection much harder.​ Then when she released the pressure, I would be rewarded with mind-numbing waves of pleasure.​

The other technique my GF and I found that was equally amazing was the vibrator technique.​ She would hold a small vibrator against my Penis Rings while caressing it lightly with her other hand.​ When used properly this provided an incredible sensation.​ That, combined with occasional butt plugs and some body massage created truly out-of-this-world experiences!

My experience with male masturbation techniques with my GF has been intensely pleasurable and incredibly liberating.​ Every time we explore new techniques it feels like our connection is deepening and we are learning more about our bodies and our pleasure.​

In addition to the techniques described above, there are numerous other possibilities that we can explore.​ We can use different kinds of lubes to change the texture of the experience.​ We can also try different textures of toys, such as silicone balls or a fur-lined ring.​ And my personal favorite is using a vibrator in conjunction with a special lubricant that creates electric shocks when it makes contact with skin.​

Of course, there are various tools and toys that can be used as well.​ My GF and I find great pleasure in experimenting with different kinds of flameless dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs.​ We also enjoy using a variety of oils and lotions to enhance our pleasure.​

That’s just the beginning! There are hundreds of tips and tricks one can use when exploring male masturbation techniques with a GF.​ We can try anal beads, use a simple sex toy like a vibrating egg, or even experiment with a power pleasure wand.​ We can also add some erotic stimulation with hot wax, feathers, or even an electric current.​ The possibilities are limitless!