Masturbation has been a taboo subject for so long that it’s difficult to talk about it without feeling like you’re doing something wrong.​ But how can something that feels so natural and relieves stress be bad? I can tell you from my own personal experience that real male masturbation is actually wonderful.​

How Eddie Works | Eddie by GiddyWhen I’m alone in my bedroom I take a few deep breaths to calm my mind and body.​ Then I take out my favorite lubricant and massage it gently onto my penis.​ Now the fun starts: I start to stroke and rub my shaft as I look at my favorite images.​ The images could be anything from something explicit to something more subtle, but whatever it is, it helps my fantasy.​ As time goes on, my muscles start to relax and I can feel every little sensation of my entire body.​

My heart begins to beat faster and my breathing gets shallower as I get closer to my climax.​ I try to focus on the feel of the lubricant on my skin and imagine the pleasure of this moment.​ My body starts tensing as I let go and it feels amazing.​ After I finish, I sit back and let the satisfaction flow through my body.​

It’s amazing how much pleasure real male masturbation can bring.​ I always feel more refreshed and alive after I finish and it releases stress that has been building in my body.​ There are so many benefits to masturbating that I think everybody should try it at least once.​ Not only is it enjoyable, but it can provide us with emotional and physical healing.​

There are so many different ways that real male masturbation can be explored.​ I’ve tried a number of techniques from edging to self-pleasuring with toys, but all have their own unique benefits in terms of pleasure, comfort, and relaxation.​ Every session is a new experience and I always come away feeling more relaxed and content.​

Masturbation can be as simple or complex as you’d like, but no matter how you explore it, it should always be done with respect for yourself and your body.​ That’s why I always ensure to practice good hygiene and safety first.​

And it’s not just about feeling good: real male masturbation can also help build confidence in a number of ways.​ By allowing yourself to explore your body and your sexuality, you can become more comfortable in your own skin.​ Plus, it will help forge a healthier and stronger connection with yourself.​


Masturbating doesn’t have to be done alone either.​ While some may prefer to keep it a solo activity, there are so many options for couples who wish to explore together.​ While there are many tools that can be used for solo masturbation, there are also many great toys that can be shared with a partner.​ And these can come in the form of sex toys, handcuffs, feathers, and more.​

Besides making an intimate activity more enjoyable, couples can also learn a lot about each other through mutual masturbation.​ It allows each person to observe the other’s body and their individual reactions to different stimulation.​ Not only does it add an extra layer of connection between two people, but it can also help fuel the desire for each other during sex.​

Real male masturbation can also provide a wide range of health benefits too.​ Not only will we find that our bodies are better able to cope with stress, but regular masturbation can also boost our immune systems.​ Plus, it helps boost testosterone and regulate sex hormones, which can be useful in a number of circumstances.​

And that’s really the beauty of it: real male masturbation is all about pleasure, exploration, and connection with ourselves.​ There is no right or wrong way to do it.​ So why not give it a go?


Real male masturbation is not only great for our bodies, but it can also help with mental health.​ There are days when it feels like my thoughts and worries are enough to overwhelm me.​ And while I could turn to a number of different activities to help me relax, masturbation is always a go-to.​

For me, real male masturbation helps to clear away the negative thoughts and stresses that have built up.​ It’s a way to give myself some time and attention when I need it the most.​ Plus, it doesn’t expect anything in return and it’s a form of self-care that I can always count on.​

It’s not just about feeling good in the moment either.​ When I’m done I always feel like I can take on the world.​ I’m energized and can face my day without feeling bogged down by worry and fear.​ And this newfound positivity can often carry on for days after and helps improve my self-confidence.​

But it’s not just about pleasure and calming the mind.​ Masturbating can also be great for helping to explore our sexuality.​ For many of us, it can be intimidating to talk about sex toys and sexuality with a partner.​ But Masturbation gives us an opportunity to explore our bodies, our desires, and our fantasies in a safe and non-judgmental environment.​

So, for those of us looking to do more than just relieve stress, real male masturbation can be a great practice for increasing our self-knowledge and pleasure.​ And it can be done anywhere, anytime.​ All we need is a little privacy and a safe space and we’re good to go.​


Masturbation isn’t just an activity for those with penises either.​ Women and gender non-conforming people can also explore self-pleasuring.​ And just like us, they can benefit from the incredible intensity and pleasure of real female masturbation.​

Whether it’s externally stimulating the clitoris or massaging the G-spot internally, there are so many possibilities to explore.​ And through experimenting with different techniques one can experience a range of breathtaking sensations.​

Plus, real female masturbation can be a great way to become familiar with one’s own body.​ This can include identifying the erogenous zones, the level of stimulation needed, and the different kinds of pleasure that can be experienced.​

And of course, just like real male masturbation, real female masturbation can have immense mental, emotional, and physical benefits.​ It can help curb stress and anxiety, reduce feelings of loneliness, and even improve sleep.​

While there is still a long way to go before real female masturbation is as accepted as real male masturbation, there has been a lot of progress in recent years.​ We now have access to more resources and information than ever before.​ And these tools can help us to understand our bodies better and in turn, enhance our self- pleasure.​


Just like anything else, real male masturbation is a practice that requires dedication and commitment.​ To reap the full benefits it’s important to get creative and not always stick to the same techniques.​

That’s why I’m always looking for ways to switch up my session.​ This could include using scented oils or heady perfumes to bring a deeper sense of relaxation.​ I might even add in some background music to set the mood or even dim the lights to achieve the right level of intimacy.​

And there’s no need to shy away from toys either.​ They’re an excellent way to enhance pleasure and increase intensity, as well as giving a great opportunity to experiment.​ Whether you’re using a vibrator, butt plug, cock ring, or something else, the possibilities are truly endless.​

But of course, as with any activity, boundary pushing should always be done with care.​ That’s why it’s important to keep safety in mind during every session.​ This includes keeping supplies clean and being aware of the risks associated with toy sharing.​


In the end, real male masturbation is all about experimentation and exploration.​ But above all, it should be an activity that is dictated by pleasure.​ Achieving mind-blowing orgasms is not only exciting, but also something to be proud of.​

It’s a form of self-care that can help us develop our sexual identity and connect with ourselves.​ Plus, it’s a great way to destress, boost mental and physical health, and even increase intimacy with a partner.​

No two experiences are ever the same and that’s part of the fun.​ So, why not see for yourself what real male masturbation has to offer? You could be pleasantly surprised.​