Masturbation is something I’m sure all guys go through, especially when they’re younger.​ I know it was something I did a lot growing up, and I thought it was kind of embarrassing, even though I was doing it with my clothes on.​ I always felt a little silly, but I never really understood why until recently when I heard about male clothed masturbation.​

It turns out, this type of masturbation is incredibly common among men, and it doesn’t have to be embarrassing or weird.​ It’s totally natural and healthy, and there are so many advantages to it.​ For instance, sex toys it can be a great way to release sexual tension if you don’t have a partner and don’t want to have sex with anyone else.​ It’s also more discreet and private, since no one has to know what you’re doing.​

But the biggest advantage to clothed masturbation is that it can be incredibly pleasurable.​ When I started exploring this type of self-pleasure, I was amazed by how different the sensations were from regular masturbation.​ I found out that the fabric of the clothes combined with the friction of the fabric against my skin yielded incredible sensations.​ Even a simple cotton t-shirt was enough to stimulate me in ways I never experienced before.​

I also discovered that male clothed masturbation opens up a world of kinky possibilities.​ By experimenting with different fabrics, I discovered that rubbed against each other in different ways, gave me the best orgasms of my life.​ From lycra to cotton and even some light leather, I explored the different sensations and textures fabrics can have against my skin.​

What else was great was that when I was finished, I could just throw on clothes again and go about my day without worrying if it looked like I had been up to something.​ I used to be embarrassed by self-pleasure, but now I’ve embraced it in a completely new way.​ I’m convinced that male clothed masturbation is the best type of self-exploration I can do.​

Exploring Different Fabrics

Once I realized the amazing potential for pleasure that clothed masturbation offered, I started to explore all the different kinds of fabrics out there.​ I’m talking about every type of fabric from silk and satin to cotton and corduroy.​ I tried out different textures and thickness and was amazed at the level of sensation they gave.​ One of my favorites was lycra, which had a slightly uncomfortable tightness around my penis that felt amazing when I rubbed against it.​ I found myself really enjoying the feeling of the fabric against my skin.​

Incorporating Toys

I then decided to try incorporating some toys into my clothed masturbation experience.​ I had a few different options like vibrators and insertables, but I eventually settled on a suction-cup dildo.​ I found that having the dildo inside me with some fabric held up against it created a sensation unlike any other I had experienced before.​ It was truly incredible!

Involving a Partner

My experience with male clothed masturbation meant that I was now able to explore this type of pleasure with a partner.​ I found that we could both benefit from wearing clothes while mutual masturbation.​ Not only did this make it more pleasurable for both of us, but it also made it more discreet and private.​ We were able to enjoy each other without anyone knowing what we were doing.​

Experiment with Positions

I also discovered that male clothed masturbation can work with positions as well.​ I found that lying down, either on my back or stomach, was the most comfortable, but I eventually explored using doggy-style positions as well.​ I found that wearing tight jeans or leggings while I did this increased the intensity and pleasure of the experience, and I ended up having some of the most incredible orgasms of my life.​

Using Props

The possibilities with male clothed masturbation are practically endless, as I found out by trying out different props as well.​ I found that something as harmless as a pillow could open up a new world of pleasure.​ I began rubbing up against the pillow with my clothes still on and it felt amazing.​ I also experimented with other items, like pillows, stuffed animals, and even some of my own clothing.​ All of these items offered different levels of sensation, and I found myself very much enjoying them.​

Hygiene Precautions

I’m a big believer in practicing proper hygiene when it comes to sexual activities.​ Fortunately, male clothed masturbation is actually one of the safest ways of self-pleasuring.​ As long as you’re using fresh and clean clothes each time, there’s no risk of disease or infection.​ Just make sure to change clothes often, and to wash both your clothes and body afterwards.​

Maximizing Pleasure

Once you start exploring male clothed masturbation, it’s all about finding what works for you.​ Experiment with different fabrics and textures, as well as toys to discover just how pleasurable it can be.​ And keep in mind that your clothes can also be a powerful erotic tool, so consider incorporating some lingerie or tight-fitting items to try out something new.​


Overall, male clothed masturbation is a great way to explore different levels of pleasure and eroticism in a safe and discreet manner.​ Whether you want to pleasure yourself or explore it with a partner, it’s something that anyone can enjoy.​ With a little bit of experimentation, you can find the materials and toys that work best for you and experience intimate pleasure in all new ways.​