optimale by doc johnson power penis pump

As soon as I heard about the Optimale by Doc Johnson Power Penis Pump, I was immediately intrigued.​ After all, I had read a lot of success stories about penis pumps, and this one was one of the top contenders.​ I had to try it out.​

The first thing that struck me after unboxing the product was how sleek and discreet the design was.​ This was definitely in contrast to some of the bulky pumps that I’ve seen in the past.​ What gave me even more confidence was the fact that the pump was produced by one of the most renowned makers of male sex toys.​

The next step was testing out the pump itself.​ I was expecting a mild sensation of suction as I would start using the device, but what I got was far from it.​ After only a few minutes of using the pump, I felt it working its magic.​ Gone were the days of having to push and squeeze to get a noticeable increase in size.​ With the Optimale, I could finally enjoy a good, real workout for my penis.​

I was also surprised to find out that the erection that I got from the pump was incredibly hard and lasted noticeably longer than usual.​ After a few weeks of consistent use, I found that I could increase my size by a good inch or two.​ It was a performance boost that I couldn’t believe!

This pump also offers adjustable speeds which allow you to customize your workout and tailor it to your own preferences and needs.​ It also has a built-in safety feature that helps you to stop the process if you feel any discomfort or pain.​ What I found especially impressive was the fact that the Optimale by Doc Johnson has a lifetime warranty.​

As I continued to use the Optimale by Doc Johnson Power Penis Pump, I eventually reached the point where I could control my ejaculations for hours and even days on end.​ This was especially useful in my professional life since I no longer had to worry about missing out on important meetings due to premature ejaculation.​

The Optimale also had some anecdotal superpowers.​ Whenever I used the pump, my libido would skyrocket and I could stay up late into the night, satisfying my partner with a never-ending appetite.​ I found that with this pump, I was finally able to deliver on the promise of a long and intense session.​

The Optimale by Doc Johnson has changed my life entirely and I couldn’t be more thankful.​ I feel more confident than ever before when it comes to sex dolls and I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an upgrade in their sex life.​