penis pump sores pictures

My friend, you won’t believe the crazy story I’m about to tell you.​ Have you ever heard of a penis pump? Well, after what I witnessed, I’m never going to look at it the same.​ Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of seeing sores from a penis pump on somebody.​ I thought I’d seen it all, but when I got a close up look, it was worse than I ever imagined.​

The guy had sores all around his pubic bone and they were deep and bloody.​ He said it was from too much use of the penis pump and now he was in a lot of pain.​ Poor guy.​ He thought he was going to get bigger and better results, but he ended up with nasty sores instead.​ Please, take my word for it, using a Penis Rings pump is not worth the potential risks.​

I started thinking about the pictures I had seen of the sores and felt a pang of horror.​ They were so graphic and uncomfortable to look at.​ The idea of using a device like this to “enhance” a man’s body is ridiculous.​ Not only is it unnecessary, it could be extremely dangerous if not done right.​ This poor guy was a living example of how things can go terribly wrong.​

It’s important to remember that this guy’s experience is not the norm, but it is a cautionary tale for anyone considering purchasing and using a penis pump.​ The false belief that a penis pump can improve a man’s size and performance could actually end up doing more harm than good.​ Trust me, I’ve seen it personally.​

Also, if you feel like you need to purchase a penis pump, sex dolls do yourself a favor and make sure you know exactly what you are buying and how to use it correctly.​ Ignore any unrealistic expectations of results, as the potential risks are simply not worth it.​

I always thought it was a bit weird that people were so desperate to buy and use penis pumps, but seeing the effects it had on this poor guy really made the dangers of it more real to me.​ I couldn’t shake the pictures of his sores out of my mind – they were that horrific.​

My friend, I’m not suggesting that penis pumps are always dangerous, but it is important to take safety and caution seriously in order to avoid any potential risks.​ Even if it was done correctly, the harsh reality is that there isn’t really any benefit to it.​ Consider yourself warned.​