Toothbrush Clitoral Stimulator


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Toothbrush Sex Toy

Turn your electric toothbrush into the ultimate sex toy clit stimulator. Vibrate and massage your Clitoris and create that perfect orgasm.

Simply connect this clever devise to your tooth brush and turn it into the most discreet sex toy ever!

What toothbrushes are compatible?

Designed to work on all Braun-Oral-B electric toothbrushes except the Cross-action power and Sonic complete designs.

Amazingly discreet, inconspicuous and non-intrusive nobody will even know your intentions for this perfect Clitoris pleaser!

Free Storage Bag

Comes with its very own free velvet storage bag for safe keeping.

Most vibrators contain a rotating offset weight resulting in vibration of the whole vibrator. More importantly this wastes most of the energy by vibrating your hand!

Tingletip is a high quality precision engineered product, designed to vibrate directly at the point of contact. The head is the moving part so all the power is delivered where it is most effective.

How Do I Use This Toothbrush Sex Toy?

To use, simply remove your electric toothbrush head and replace with your tingletip massage head.

Lubrication is recommended to be used when using this sex toy for maximum stimulation.

Finally for maximum effect ensure that the electric toothbrush is fully charged.



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