rita sex doll

It was around late last year that I heard about ‘Rita’, the sex doll. I couldn’t help but throw my hands to my head and utter an interjection of disbelief and surprise. It seemed quite surreal, this concept of a life-like doll that one could interact with – almost like a real person! I know that technology has come a long way, but a sex doll? Out of all the tech advancements, I was not ready for that one.

My friends too maintained a similar cynicism and apprehension towards the whole idea. Surely this wasn’t going to take the place of genuine human intimacy? We had so many questions and debates. Some of us felt like it was a judgement against human nature, others felt it was just as much of a right as anything else. After too many casual arguments – each of us with our own opinions – we decided to do some research.

What I had found was interesting. There was quite an obvious divide between those who were for, and those who were against, the introduction of Rita. Some said that dolls like Rita removed the requirement for a relationship and even, if taken too far, could destigmatize intimacy altogether.

Others said that a Rita, or dolls like her, were dangerous because they removed the need to interact with people. They said that Rita perpetuated a wider theme of alienation and consumerism – you could buy her, recreate her, and even customize her if you wanted. You could have her, and yet at the same time you needed to be actively distancing yourself from people.

I must admit that the more I read into it, the more I felt both sides had their positives and vibrators negatives. On the one hand, it seemed like a relatively safe way to explore intimacy and explore your needs with no rush, no expectation, and no judgement. But if we continue to allow this kind of sellable, actionable intimacy – could we forget what makes us human? How would Rita teach us empathy and understanding – qualities that can really transform someone’s life.

I leaned on the side of caution. I had to accept that I could never condone or sex dolls judge someone else for their decision, but I wanted to remain vigilant about placing Rita as a completely separate entity to a real person. Ultimately, it wasn’t me that should make the decision.

When it comes to the financial aspect behind Rita, I think it’s important to say that any budget is valid for what matters to someone, and that’s not mine to judge. I can understand investing in an alternate form of intimacy if one is in a period of transition, or waiting for the right real-life person to come along. After all, no price was too big for someone’s peace of mind.

The 5 Best Vibrators of 2023 | Reviews by WirecutterWe know that there’ll never be a black and white answer, but for now I’m sticking to my original opinion. Rita, or any other sexual service, should not exacerbate a lack of communication, or be seen as the end solution. It should act only as the starting point, or a supplement, to an intimate and meaningful relationship.