sex doll price in india

I was discussing with a friend recently about sex doll price in India, and how one can purchase sex dolls from the country. She was quite intrigued with the topic, ever since the news of the sex doll industry taking off in India had become more and more prominent. She wanted to know what the price of such dolls was. So, I started to explain to her.

In India, the price of a sex doll can range anywhere from fifty-thousand rupees upwards of more than a lakh of rupees. The price of a sex doll usually depends upon the type, material and size of the doll. This is because sex dolls are crafted as per the customer’s specifications, so these specifications, including its design, material, accessories, etc., have an influence on the pricing.

For sex dolls instance, a sex doll made of luxurious materials like silicone, TPE, etc., and a size of up to 175 cm could cost you anywhere near a lakh rupees or even more. Dolls with common features cost lesser than those with extraordinary features. An ordinary sex doll with regular features can cost you anywhere between fifteen to fifty thousand rupees.

The size of the luxury product has got to do with the price. A larger size doll would cost more than a smaller size doll. Besides, the different shapes and sizes have also been taken into consideration while deciding the pricing. Furthermore, one can always get custom-made dolls from professional artists who specialise in designing mannequins for various purposes, at a rate that is usually agreed upon before manufacturing.

Now moving on to detailed features, higher prices may also be associated with facial expression customization, high-quality paint, hair colour, custom nipples, genital materials, and sensor technology. For example, adding roar sensors in the chest or a stainless-steel skeleton for the doll’s core can cost extra bucks.

Custom-made dolls are not only expensive, but they can also take longer to deliver as their manufacturing is entirely based on the considerations of the buyer’s preferences. In such cases, the prices can range anywhere from forty thousand rupees to five lakh rupees.

Sex dolls, however, can come with a variety of add-ons and accessories, such as clothing, wigs, lubricants, sex toy kits, etc. However, keep in mind that these accessories and add-ons can also be purchased separately.

I was also told that some basic sex dolls can be considered as an investment as they can last for more than 25 years, even with proper care. This means that one’s investment in such a doll could pay itself back in the long run as there is no need to buy a new doll every two to three years.

I’m sure that by now, vibrators my friend had a fair idea of the types of sex dolls that are available in India and the associated price range. She was a bit overwhelmed and asked me if I had any advice to offer on how she could purchase a doll. I told her to check reviews for the store from which she was planning to buy the doll, compare prices, and also check for customer service options for assurance. Furthermore, it would be highly recommended to purchase the doll only after understanding its material, features, etc., and enquiring about the delivery process.