sex dolls thhe size of 3 year olds

I remember when I heard about sex dolls the size of 3 year olds, my first thought was why? What purpose do they serve? I had so many questions. Why would someone want to make a doll like this? Is this something normal or a caricature of something much darker?

As I started to dig a bit deeper, I quickly discovered that this concept is not new. In fact, it has been around for several years. As far as the purpose of these dolls go, they are marketed as being especially suited for those with sadistic fetishes or as a tool for sex dolls child grooming. It’s an incredibly dark world where these types of dolls exist. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many people are disgusted by the notion of these dolls.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about sex dolls the size of 3 year olds. She agreed to the notion that these should be banned as they serve only to normalize a behavior that is totally reprehensible. I could totally understand where she was coming from. It went beyond what I would consider ethical and even painted a dark picture of our society.

My friend also went on to tell me about advances in robotics and artificial intelligence that could actually bring these dolls to life – and the implications of something like this. Not only could this be incredibly disturbing, but it could also raise a lot of ethical questions about what type of behaviors should be encouraged or accepted in our society.

We also talked about the potential of using these dolls for other purposes – such as therapy for traumatized children. My friend was a bit more open to this concept, but even so, she advocated heavily for someone with the right background, qualifications, and morals to be in charge of supervising these sessions.

As for my opinion on the matter, I think it’s pretty clear. Sex dolls the size of 3 year olds should definitely be banned in most countries. These dolls normalize and glorify behavior that can only be considered child abuse. Not only that, but they also bring up potential ethical problems that should be properly addressed and handled.