vr sex doll business in the future

Wow, so I was just reading about a company dabbling in the world of VR technology and sex doll-making. They are looking to the future and predict that this could be the next wave of adult entertainment. I never thought such a thing could exist but technology has been advancing so rapidly lately, I guess anything is possible.

At first, my first thought was ‘no way, that’s too crazy’. But then I started thinking of all the crazy possibilities; no need to ever get up, well, at least not until you need a charging cable! Privacy and safety can be guaranteed as you’re in the comfort of your own home. No mundane social awkwardness to deal with.

Talking of potential drawbacks, I suppose the main one would be price. Developing this kind of technology just isn’t cheap. You’d need a good ole’ chunk of change for the purchase and then odds are, the maintenance fees would be ludicrously out of this world. That would put the total cost to an eye-watering amount, it seem just out of reach for the average consumer.

Then again, a future potential of these sex dolls could be in the education space. This could let people learn through hands-on experience. It seems to me like it sounds a bit creepy at first, but it could actually be quite beneficial. No more awkward ‘omg why did I say that’ moments, people could just learn at their own pace in their own space – pretty cool.

When I hear the term sex doll, the first thing that comes to mind is the creepy ones in the sex shops. But I guess with the development of VR technology, and if this happens to become mainstream, they would have to be of a higher quality than the ones currently available. No more dodgy lingering smells and funny stains.

I can feel my head spinning with all the possibilities, so many outcomes, sex toys so many great ideas! I’ve no clue where I stand personally. It would have to be something I think long and hard about. I mean, what would be the practical use for this in real life? Could it replace actual human interaction? That really does worry me.

I’m sure this could open up a whole world of pros and cons. To be honest, I’m not sure what I would do if I had to make a definitive decision either way. What do you think of the whole idea? Is it something you would entertain or is it a hard no from you? I couldn’t tell what I think until I heard your opinion.