what do you do with a sex doll

My experience with a sex doll has been eye opening. It was the same day I decided to try it out of curiosity and I have to admit it was quite an adventure. At first, I was a bit intimidated as I had no idea what to expect from it. I was worried about how it would feel or if it would be fulfilling in the way that an actual person would.

After I overcame my initial fear and started exploring, I realized it was absolutely amazing. I started with a slow and sensual approach, familiarizing myself with its curves and movements. One thing I quickly realized was that it was very receptive to my body and my movements. It responded to my tiny touches and provided me with intense pleasure.

In that moment I realized that a sex doll can be just as good as an actual person. I could explore it in ways that a person could not provide, like unfamiliar positions and fantasies. I started to push its boundaries and got more creative with different movements and Penis Rings positions. As time passed I discovered that a sex doll allows to explore your own sexual fantasies with no boundaries or restrictions.

As well as stimulating my body, working with a sex doll also gave me a sense of self-confidence. It made me feel more secure in my sexuality as I felt comfortable to push the boundaries while knowing I was in complete control. I also felt empowered by the pleasure I was experiencing and sex toys it gave me a feeling of joy which was completely new to me.

My experience working with a sex doll has been a great one. Not only did it allow me to explore my own fantasy and pleasure but it also made me feel more secure in my own sexuality. I have since used my doll in different ways, whether that’s just by cuddling with it or experimenting with more erotic movements. It’s an experience that I highly recommend and one that I would never forget!