what is the oldest sex toy

I was always fascinated by ancient tools and artifacts, as they have so much to tell us about pre-modern history! Recently, I started researching the story behind the oldest sex toy and boy, was I in for a culture shock! From the first evidence I found, these toys have been around for centuries, if not more.

At first glance, it was hard to believe that something like a toy or tool related to sex could even exist during a time where it was often frowned upon. According to the artifacts I found, it appears these types of toys have been used since at least the 6th century BC. Who knew!

I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired people of the past to look for something like a sex toy? After all, when you think about it, it would have been a pretty daring thing to do back then. After all, long before internet porn and enlightening sex-ed classes, this was an age where “pleasure devices” were basically taboo.

The answer lies in the fact that sex toys have been around for thousands of years. Their roots exist in prehistoric designs, Penis Rings which were made to honor and venerate reproductive aspects of deity. The most prevalent designs were often phallic and sometimes featured in art and gravesites, as an icon of fertility and a gesture of worship.

The oldest sex toy design that we have solid evidence of is arguable the earliest version of the “dildo.” This beautiful ancient artifact has been dated to the 6th century BC and is hand-crafted from polished stone and include a phallic head, in addition to an elaborate elegant ribbed shaft. Other incredible ancient sex toy designs of note include “jade butt plugs” and “bronze nipple clamps.”

As curious as I am about these artifacts, I started imagining what sex culture was like during those pre-modern times. Despite some obvious differences when it comes to the availability of sex toys, I’m sure people back then had just as much fun as we do these days. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that regardless of the era, people have and will always find creative ways to express their sexuality.

It’s clear that regardless of our historical timeline, humans have always looked for ways to explore pleasure and connection. Crazy to think that in many ways, we haven’t changed that much and still seek the same kinds of pleasure experiences, no matter what time period we live in.

As I continued researching the topic, I kept stumbling upon more incredible findings! I stumbled upon evidence that points to sex education being taught in ancient societies, with educators giving women advice on how to pleasure their partners- a truly remarkable concept.

There were also elements of sex toys being used for fertility rites, which were discovered in ancient roadside shrines. These phallic symbols were believed to represent fertility, strength and power. Ancient graffiti has also been found that reference phallic symbols and sex toys—clever, yet rather risqué!

While researching this topic, I dug deeper into the archaeological record and found out about ritualistic objects that were used to symbolize a worship of the goddess of love and sexuality. In addition, it appears that around the same time period a variety of implements and tools were used to represent the male counterpart. Fascinating!

In addition to the materials I previously mentioned, I found evidence of sex toys being made from ivory, silver, quartz, limestone, and even porcelain. It’s incredible how inventive people could be, even thousands of years ago!

This journey further revealed how our ancestors deliberately created elaborate tools and instruments for the purpose of pleasure and worship. From phallic charms to butt plugs, inventive tools for sex and pleasure can reach back to some of our earliest records of history.

It is easy to think that we are diverse and inventive when it comes to our pleasure tools now, but it is incredible to actually see how hand-made tools have been used for sex and pleasure throughout the centuries. From carved stone dildos to elaborate porcelain butt plugs, our ancestors were just as diverse and creative in their pleasure play as we are today.

I couldn’t help but be amazed by the magnitude of this newfound knowledge! Sex toys have been around a lot longer than I expected. You could say it’s really a piece of pre-modern history, or even more accurately an element of human history that helps connect us today to our past.