The topic of today is something that is close to my heart – what sex toys do trannys use for anal play.

I’m going to start from the beginning and explain my journey to understanding this, but before I do I’ll quickly answer the question. The answer is dildos, butt plugs and anal probes. All of these toys can be used to stimulate the anus in really wild ways!

My first introduction to sex toys and anal play came when I was attending college. A friend of mine had a roommate who was a tranny and was into anal play. Being curious, I asked her what kind of sex toys she uses for her anal play. She smiled and gave me a brief run-down of what she uses.

At the time I was not too comfortable with the idea of sex toys and anal play but heard her out and see what she had to say. She told me she uses dildos, butt plugs and anal probes for anal stimulation. Apparently all of these toys offer a really wild, intense and pleasurable experience.

The other thing that surprised me about my friend’s roommate is that she was very open about her sex life and toy preferences. She was not afraid to talk about it or show me pictures of the toys themselves. This openness is something that I’ve come to appreciate in all the trannys I know who are into anal play.

Of course, not all trannys are open about discussing their sex lives and toy preferences. Some prefer to keep these things private which is perfectly fine. If you do know a tranny or are considering exploring anal play, I would definitely suggest talking to them first to get an idea of what you can use for anal play.

I also discovered that trannys typically use lube during anal play. This is especially important since the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina does. There are a few types of lube that trannys use such as silicone-based lube, water-based lube, and hybrid lube. You can experiment with the different kinds until you find the one that works best for you.

The next thing that I learned was that anal sex toys come in many different shapes and sizes. Trannys usually opt for toys that are curved or textured so that they can get maximum anal pleasure. Some of the more popular anal toys are made of silicone, steel, or glass. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing an anal toy so you should find one that feels good for you.

Apart from the shapes and sizes of sex toys, trannys also use accessories such as anal beads, benwa balls, anal plugs, and other anal toys. Anal beads can be inserted into the anus one by one and then pulled out for an even more intense sensation. Benwa balls are also a popular anal toy as they increase the sensitivity of the anus and lead to more pleasurable orgasm. Anal plugs can be used to open the anal muscle and increase the pleasure.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to what sex toys do trannys use for anal play. There is so much more to discover and explore and knowing these basics is just the beginning of your anal sex toy adventure.