For the longest time, I have been curious why the best sex toys can be so loud. Even with advances in technology, there is still an incredibly loud noise that can be heard when using even the most high-end toys. What gives?

Well, the sound of a good sex toy is usually the byproduct of its effectiveness; the louder the toy, the better it’s probably performing! When you’re using a powerful sex toy, you’re likely experiencing a unique level of intense stimulation. Each toy is made with specific motors, and these motors can produce a higher vibration, ultimately leading to a loud noise coming from the toy itself.

What’s more, the speed of the vibration produced is also another factor that determines how loud the toy is. So, depending on how a user’s body is responding to the toy, the speed and sound of the toy will vary. In other words, if a user wants a more intense experience, then they likely need to be prepared for higher intensity—and likely a louder toy.

That said, vibrators a loud toy may be offputting for certain users; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean the toy isn’t fulfilling its purpose. Some people simply don’t like the attention that can be drawn from a loud toy—but hey, that’s part of the thrill, right?

I’ve heard a lot of users say they didn’t understand why their sex toy was so loud, but after using it consistently, they eventually understood why it was loud. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to go full throttle and experience the loudest sex toy out there, but there definitely are advantages to using an effective—and loud—toy.

Plus, it’s not like the toy is screaming or anything! The loudness level is usually projected around the same level as a cell phone ringing. And chances are, you’ve heard that sound plenty of times before…

Now, beyond the sound level, it’s important to understand the power level of a toy you’re using. Some toys can offer a powerful vibration and surprisingly, can be quite quiet; whereas, other toys may be at a lower vibration but have the ability to be louder. So, it’s possible to find a less-loud toy and still experience a high-powered feeling.

Furthermore, if you’re someone who likes to experiment with different toys, then there are a number of ways to explore without fully committing to anything. The market offers a wide selection of vibrators, dildos, and other forms of sex toys, so it’s really just a matter of playing around and seeing which toy works best for you. And if it turns out the best toy for you is the loudest toy, then that’s totally fine!

So, why are the best sex toys so loud? As it turns out, it’s because of the level of stimulation and power that comes with each toy, and sometimes, you just need to experience the loudness to fully appreciate the intensity of a toy. Who knows, you may end up loving it!